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The Beach Boys :: “Long Promised Road”
Surf’s Up (1971)

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Mike Love, Douche #19


Look at me. LOOK AT ME. We’re pregnant.

Mike Love, Douche #29


“Hey kid, quick, c’mere. As soon as the theremin kicks in? Me and you. Douche-off.”

The Beach Boys :: “Kiss Me Baby”
Album: Today (Capitol; 1965

The Beach Boys :: “Dance Dance Dance”
Album: Today! (Capitol; 1965)

The Beach Boys :: “Salt Lake City”
Album: Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) (Capitol; 1965

The Beach Boys :: “Sloop John B”
"Behind the Sounds"; originally from Pet Sounds (Capitol; 1966)

The Beach Boys :: “Little Pad”
Album: Smiley Smile (Capitol; 1967

The SMiLE Sessions / “Do You Like Worms”

"Do You Like Worms (session 1)":

Do You Like Worms (session 2)”:

Do You Like Worms (session 3)”:

Do You Like Worms (session 4)”:

Do You Like Worms (session 5)”:

Do You Like Worms (session 6)”:

Do You Like Worms (Bicycle Rider section)”:

Do You Like Worms (Hawaiian chant)”:

Do You Like Worms (acetate)”: