Menomena :: “Ghostship”

Friend and Foe (2007)

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Tumblrcast II: 2003, Pt. 1

: David Shrigley

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of CMG, here’s a special gift for our Tumblr followers: the first of a two-part mix consisting entirely of music from the year of our, uh, birth. It was messy and glorious.

Part two next Monday, April 8th.

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(0:01) Starlight Mints: “Buena Vista” [Built on Squares; PIAS, 2003]
(1:33) Broadcast: “Pendulum” [Haha Sound; Warp, 2003]
(5:51) Deerhoof: “Flower” [Apple O’; Kill Rock Stars, 2003]
(7:25) Ellen Allien: “Alles sehen” [Berlinette; Bpitch Control, 2003]
(11:01) The Books: “There Is No There” [The Lemon of Pink; Tomlab, 2003]
(14:34) Lightning Bolt: “Assassins” [Wonderful Rainbow; Load, 2003]
(18:13) Aesop Rock: “We’re Famous (prod. El-P)” [Bazooka Tooth; Def Jux, 2003]
(23:45) Autechre: “tapr” [Draft 7.30; Warp, 2003]
(26:57) Viktor Vaughn: “Mr. Clean” [Vaudeville Villain; Sound-Ink, 2003]
(29:08) Menomena: “Cough Coughing” [I Am the Fun Blame Monster; Muuuhahaha!, 2003]
(32:26) Ms. John Soda: “Misco” [No P. or D.; Morr Music, 2003]
(36:35) 1 Mile North: “August 8:15” [Minor Shadows; Ba Da Bing!, 2003]
(40:54) Angels of Light: “Sunset Park” [Everything is Good Here, Please Come Home; Young God, 2003]
(46:38) Califone: “Horoscope, Amputation, Honey” [Quicksand/Cradlesnakes; Thrill Jockey, 2003]

Menomena: “Plumage”
Moms (2012)

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Lackthereof :: “Choir Practice”
Album: Your Anchor (Barsuk; 2008)