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Guided By Voices :: “Hot Freaks”
Bee Thousand

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Tumblrcast / II: 2003, Pt. 2

: David Shrigley

As promised, here’s the second half of Tumblrcast II: a mix featuring some of our favorite tracks from 2003, the year CMG officially transitioned from awful blog-ish thing to fledgling music zine. It would take us less than a year to be dubbed the worst site on the internet. We soldiered on for nine more anyway.

As a thanks for sticking with us over the past decade—or even just the past week, whatever—and following our Tumblr, please, enjoy. You can listen to part one here.

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(0:01) Mu: “Let’s Get Sick” [Afro Finger &Gel; Tigersushi, 2003]
(5:34) Enon: “Daughter in the House of Fools” [Hocus Pocus; Touch & Go, 2003]
(8:25) Caribou (Manitoba): “Jacknuggeted” [Up in Flames; Leaf/Domino, 2003]
(11:54) Prefuse 73: “Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing mix)” [One Word Extinguisher; Warp, 2003]
(13:58) Calexico: “Black Heart” [A Feast of Wire; Quarterstick, 2003]
(18:35) Constantines: “Shine a Light” [Shine a Light; Sub Pop, 2003]
(23:20) Do Make Say Think: “Horns of a Rabbit” [Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn; Constellation, 2003]
(27:20) Rapider Than Horsepower: “Hey, Fancy Pants” [Stage Fright, Stage Fright; Essay, 2003]
(28:58) Guided by Voices: “My Son My Secretary My Country” [Earthquake Glue; Matador, 2003]
(30:57) Deadly Snakes: “Closed Casket” [Ode to Joy; In the Red, 2003]
(33:55) Jim Guthrie: “So Small” [Now More Than Ever; Three Gut, 2003]
(37:47) Bonnie “Prince” Billy: “Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise” [Master and Everyone; Drag City, 2003]
(41:50) Supersilent: “6.5” [6; Rune Grammofon, 2003]
(46:35) Eluvium: “Under the Water it Glowed” [Lambent Material; Temporary Residence, 2003]
(51:40) Songs: Ohia: “The Big Game is Every Night” [demo; Secretly Canadian, 2003]

Runner-up: Robert Pollard’s two solo albums

Record Review / Guided by Voices


Class Clown Spots a UFO is a pretty good record, but really doesn’t sound that much like Let’s Go Eat the Factory, which was released all of five months ago. Yes, they both sound like Guided by Voices—no one’s going to mistake Pollard or current co-captain Tobin Sprout for anyone else at this point. But where Factory found the newly-reunited band indulging their latent prog tendencies on epic three- and four-minute (!) tracks, Class Clown has them chugging out twenty-one songs in forty minutes and focusing on a slightly grimier, more aggressive version of the GBV sound.

Record Review / Guided by Voices


Seven years to the day after they said goodbye, while we were still nursing our New Year’s hangovers, the Faded Captain and his golden boys drunkenly barged back into our lives with Let’s Go Eat the Factory, this lovable shamble of a rock record.  

Track Review / Guided by Voices


“The Unsinkable Fats Domino” is immediately, indisputably a Guided by Voices track, and that cruddy lo-fi sound, like cassette tape left under a gentle sun, sounds more refreshing than ever.

“The Unsinkable Fats Domino”:

Guided by Voices :: “My Valuable Hunting Knife”
Album: Tigerbomb (Matador; 1995)