Battles: “Futura”
A Take Away Show

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CMG Podcast #111 ::

1. Pop 1280: “Bodies in the Dunes”
2. Tu Fawning: “Bones”
3. Blackout Beach: “Mt. Harsh” / “Pink Helicopters”
4. Frankie Rose: “Interstellar”
5. Dustin Wong: “Ice Sheets on Feet Prints”
6. Mouse on Mars: “Gearknot Cherry”
7. Battles: “White Electric (Shabazz Palaces remix)”
8. Friendzone: “!!-MAJOR”
9. MondreM.A.N.: “Fancy”
10. Lilacs & Champagne: “Battling the City”
11. Shlohmo: “Wen uuu (Teebs remix)”
12. Gultskra Artikler: “Glaznoe Dno Morskogo Chudisha” / “Pobochnoe Deistvie”
13. Matana Roberts: “Lulla/Bye”

Battles :: “My Machines (f/ Gary Numan)”
Album: Gloss Drop (Warp; 2011) 

Battles :: “Tonto”
Album: Mirrored (Warp; 2007) 

Record Review / Battles

It’s like the band is more relaxed, and so it’s everything Mirrored wasn’t, for me: snarky, sneaky, and reveling on that playful border where technique and electronics meet the possibilities of creating sound.

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