Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band :: “My Head is My Only House Unless It Rains”
Clear Spot (1972)

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…there is not a band left standing that can rival Swans for ambition in our post-millennial wasteland. Musically and lyrically, on record and in their live performances, they reach farther and dig deeper than anyone else making music today. The Seer alone would have been sufficient proof of this; that they have given us a record every bit The Seer’s equal a mere two years later is almost grotesque. Enough has been said about Swans’ remarkable comeback this decade, and in any case, I’m not the person to say it—the important point here is that To Be Kind is as vital and unsettling as anything they’ve ever done, and displays a mastery of their craft that seems almost automatic at this point.

Sharon Van Etten :: “Your Love is Killing Me”
Are We There (2014)

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Marissa Nadler :: “Drive”
July (2014)

Rhye :: “Verse”
Woman (2013)

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This Week in CMG / 2008



Ellen Allien :: Sool (Mark Abraham)
No Age :: Nouns
(Alan Baban)
Bun B :: II Trill (Clayton Purdom)
Dirt Dress :: Theme Songs EP (Chet Betz) NBH
HEALTH :: DISCO (Colin McGowan)
Mount Eerie :: Black Wooden Ceiling Opening EP (Dom Sinacola)
Prints :: Prints (Conrad Amenta) NBH
Bottomless Pit :: Hammer of the Gods (Clayton Purdom)
Death Cab for Cutie :: Narrow Stairs (Colin McGowan)
Blind Melon :: For My Friends (Scott Reid)
Jumbling Towers :: Classy Entertainment EP (Conrad Amenta) NBH
Ladytron :: Velocifero (David M. Goldstein)


The CMG Hatebag / Vol. 2


CMGcast / XLI (David Ritter)

GZA f/ Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA :: “4th Chamber”
Liquid Swords (1995)

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Perhaps because the Old 97’s are a band that takes music so seriously as a full time job, they also value consistency over everything else; while some of Most Messed Up definitely goes out on a limb, it isn’t long before it edges back into safer territory. This album continues in the tradition of witty, melodic, rollicking Old 97’s records, but also offers a measure of truly interesting insight and atmosphere, making it a must-listen in the canon of rock music about rock musicians.

Ought :: “Habit”
More Than Any Other Day (2014)

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MondreM.A.N. :: “Fancy (prod. Silky Johnson)”
M A N (2011)

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