This Heat :: “A New Kind of Water”
Deceit (1981)

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Armonico Hewa (2009)

Teebs :: “Holiday (f/ Jonti)”
E s t a r a (2014)

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In Evening Air, still the band’s best work and one of the most fiercely cathartic break-up records you’ll ever find, sprang from devastating betrayal and the twin pains of the toxic anger and wrenching self-doubt that come in the wake of such a shock. On the Water found stillness after the crash, the rage of In Evening Air boiled away. Now, Singles finishes the arc in its logical place, with the sound of Herring and his band stripping away the remaining shreds of dissonance—both emotional and musical—to create a joyful, almost evangelically hopeful record about finally letting the light in.

Antwon :: “Rain Song”
Heavy Hearted in Doldrums (2014)

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib :: “High (f/ Danny Brown)”
Pinata (2014)

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Liars :: “Left Speaker Blown”
Mess (2014)

On the whole, G I R L is a glitzy, sugar-coated rehash of its massively successful pop peers The 20/20 Experience (2013) and Random Access Memories (2013), Pharrell reveling in an excessively decadent pop sound and neutering it of any bite, the result being a largely forgettable record that sounds like it cost a lot of money to make.

Swans :: “A Little God in My Hands”
To Be Kind (2014)

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