Tim Hecker :: “Chimeras”
Harmony in Ultraviolet (2006)

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Hüsker Dü “Pink Turns To Blue” (ripped from vinyl)

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Boom Bip :: “The Use Of Unacceptable Colours In Nature”
Seed to Sun (2002)

Fennesz :: “The Liar”
Bécs (2014)

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Don Caballero :: “Room Temperature Suite”
What Burns Never Returns (1998)

Wu-Tang Clan :: Can It Be All So Simple”
Enter the 36 Chambers (1993)

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Nurses :: “Eternal Thrills”

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Do Make Say Think :: “The Landlord Is Dead” / “Bruce E Kinesis” / “Goodbye Enemy Airship”
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Jason Molina found it really hard to let go of some things. He is that special kind of songwriter who has favourite phrases and obsessive trains of thoughts. If you look long enough, you can find them in any songwriter. I urge each of you, one day, to play the world’s most tender checklist game: what does my favourite artist say the most? I was playing it long before I listened to Molina—I know Will Sheff is affectionate towards rivers, sea shores, and the rock ‘n’ roll unsung. A songwriter’s favourite words might not look like a lot at first, but they tie their records together until it feels like you’re making a trip to your old school anytime you listen to them. For Sheff, a river is a great source of consistency in your life. It can be visited half way through your bumbling twenties or at the age of ten, and you’ll still stare into it. Molina’s props feel different, though. They are less resourceful and they grab you instantly, rolling into view before the rest of his poetic vision gets a chance to. You don’t revisit his music for the clues, because none of them are hidden.


Plaid :: “Eyen”
Double Figure (2001)