Tortoise :: “Djed”
Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1996)

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow :: “Crushin’”
single (2014)

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For reasons that God may choose to reveal on the Day of Judgment, Teeth Dreams somehow ended up being produced by hesher extraordinaire Nick Raskulinecz. Careful CMG readers will note that this is not the first time yours truly has griped about the man’s questionable production choices, and I blanched upon learning that he would be behind the boards here. Now he can add screwing up the Hold Steady to his glowing resume, right below compressing Rush to within an inch of their lives and crying on camera in Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary.


Marine Girls - Love To Know

Braids :: “Victoria”
Flourish // Perish (2013)

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Swans :: “Oxygen”
To Be Kind (2014)

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As a band whose music was basically about how everything is stupid and life isn’t worth living, Nirvana could have negated the importance of the Hall. Instead, the remaining members of Nirvana played some music with Joan Jett, a woman best known for her anthemic testimonial to a love of a thing whose routines she was enacting in the process of professing that love. Nirvana, like Jett, ate their own tail right there in front of everyone, and disappeared completely from relevance once and for all.


Pauline Oliveros - Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 - Bottoms Up 1

Broadcast :: “Before We Begin”
Haha Sound (2003)

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Roxy Music: ENO, circa 1972

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